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Date: 07.28.12
Author: Andy
Title: Primitive Apparel Fall 12 - Now Available

The release of our Fall '12 collection is extra special for us, as it just so happens to land on our 4th birthday. That's right, Primitive Shoes & Apparel has officially been "On The Blvd" for 4 years now.

We've been fortunate enough to use this venture as a platform to channel our life experiences into creating tangible articles of clothing. It's been quite the experience, and we're just getting started. We strive to make each season better than the last.

Reflecting on the past few years allows us to truly appreciate where we are today. Not very many people can honestly say that they love what they do for a living. However, we've managed to create a work place where everything that we admire exists. We're able to call some of the most amazing skateboarders, artists, musicians, customers, and random low key rad personalities (you guys know who you are) our close friends. In addition to that, we get to surround ourselves with some of the illest products in the world.

We're just a bunch of big kids who refuse to fully "grow up." We know what we love, and our passion doesn't allow us to compromise the integrity of those interests.

Our Fall '12 collection represents our ideals well. Graphics like Cave Boss & Main Course set a fun & unfiltered tone, while other tees like College P & Righteous Villains offer a more sporty or sophisticated vibe.

Rachel Metz is seen on this season's female model driven pieces. Her powerful presence displays a high fashion feel, a bit more refined from what we normally go with.

We're excited for you to check out the entire collection, and we hope you enjoy.

Much love to all who support our efforts!

Worldwide Tee $27.99

Main Course Tee $27.99

Ace Vultures Tee $27.99

College P Tee $27.99

Righteous Villains Tee $27.99

Night & Day Tee $27.99

Eyes Without a Face Tee $27.99

Dirty P Stripes Tee $27.99

CA Greats Tee $27.99

Dealers Tee $27.99

Forever Nebula Tee $27.99

Bridge Tee $27.99

Welcome Home Tee $27.99

Authentic Tee $27.99

Cave Boss Tee $27.99

RCC Established Tee $27.99

Cultivated Camo Tee $27.99

Signature Script Tee $23.99

Quality Long Sleeve $29.99

Eyes Without a Face Crewneck $49.99

Big Sig Crewneck $49.99

Big Nuevo Pullover Hoodie $59.99

Classic P New Era Fitted Cap $39.99

CA New Era Fitted Cap $39.99

The Primitive Company Snapback $35.99

Cups Snapback $35.99

Cultivated Snapback $35.99

Broken P Patch Snapback $35.99

Ruthless Snapback $35.99

Authentic Deck $44.99

Signature Script Lighter $4.99

Primitive Apparel
17060 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA 91316