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Date: 02.14.11
Author: Andy
Title: Twenty Questions With Netkin, Feat. Alexis Lopez


How do I begin to describe Alexis Lopez?

First off, you can't tell exactly what ethnicity she is, which we all love here at Primitive.
Once you get to know her, you quickly learn that she's a goofy, down to earth girl, who happens to be beautiful and motivated.
Having already established herself as an actress and model, she has an extremely promising future ahead of herself.
Needless to say, we're more than happy to welcome her to the team.

After you read her twenty questions interview and view the behind the scenes video of our photo shoot, you'll be well acquainted with our new friend.
Expect to see her featured on a Spring Primitive tee this March.

Lets begin...

1. What's your full name? Alexis Elizabeth Lopez

2. Where were you born? Hollywood Presbyterian.. California girl baby!

3. What ethnicity are you? I am first generation American. I'm half Ecuadorian, which is South American, and half Nicaraguan, which is Central American, for all you kiddies that don't know :)

4. Do you speak spanish? Can you say something en Espanol? Yes, I speak fluent Spanish, era mi primera lengua.

5. Do you have a favorite pair of sneakers? I'm definitely a tennis shoe type of gal. My favs are my classic navy Nike Cortez, because they never go out of style. I love color and comfort!

6. Do you have a favorite pair of heels? My current favorite are a pair of Michael Kors. They're brown, strappy, and sexy. The best part is that I got them for free from a recent shoot (one of the many perks of my job:)

I embrace the fact that I'm a woman who really knows how to walk in heels, and I love when men ask "How are you walking in those?!"
-That means I'm walking like they think I can run in them!

7. I know that you're an actress, and I remember seeing you on The Disney Channel many times around the early 2000's. Am I trippin'? No, you're not trippin'! {Laughs}
My acting career began with my first gig on the Disney Channel Movie Of The Week, The Luck of the Irish. It was such an amazing experience, just being 14 years old, and working for a station that I was obsessed with {Laughs}.

8. Can you tell us a little bit more about your acting career?

I went on to do a couple of guest starring roles on more Disney shows, including Thats So Raven, Even Stevens, and others. My last gig with The Disney Channel was on a show called The Movie Surfers. I would go behind the scenes of Disney feature films and interview stars of the film. It was awesome because I got to test my skills as a host, which is really what I want to do now.

Besides Disney, I've done other small roles for several stations and even some commercials here and there. I have a pretty good resume, but I'm still waiting for my big chance. I'm super lucky to have been accepted into the modeling world. I'm trying to cover every angle of this industry.

9. You're pretty damn funny, and are a riot to work with! Where did you get that goofy sense of humor? I truly appreciate that! I love to make people laugh, and to be honest, as a model in this business, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. Trying to be sexy is one the most hilarious things.

I attribute my humor to my mom. She loves to tell jokes and lighten the mood. If you think I'm a riot, wait till you meet her! I don't fully try to be funny either! I guess my thoughts just seem to make others crack up. Growing up, I was always known for being the funny girl, so I wasn't surprised when I was voted "most humerous" by my senior class. I was just really flattered.

10. The guys all wanna know... What are your measurements? 32D-26-34.... Me little:)

11. What was your favorite moment during our photo shoot? My favorite moment of the Primitive shoot had to be interacting with the little red cup man! {Laughs}

12. Are you excited that you're going to be on a Primitive tee? I'm stoked! It's enough to be a part of the ads, but to actually be on a tee that will be sold in stores is so rewarding! Thanks guys!!!!

13. Hypothetical situation : Lets say you wanted to treat a significant other by surprising him when he came home from work. The surprise is that you would be wearing something uber sexy when he walked into your candle-lit bedroom. What would this sexy outfit consist of? Oh geez, this is a tough one because you know a lady never tells:)

If he was just coming home from work, he would probably be hungry. All I will say is that I would be wearing nothing but the spaghetti I made him. You guessed it, no utensils would be around. BON APPETIT! {Laughs}

14. If you were able to date any celebrity (past or present), who would it be and why? If I could date any celebrity, it would be Ryan Gosling. He's a great actor. I've loved him ever since I first laid eyes on him on "The Mickey Mouse Club." I love me them white boys!

15. Do you have a Valentine? I do have a Valentine, who is also celebrating his bday. I'm Looking forward to it. If I didn't have a date, I would still show all of those I love how much I care. I'm a cheese ball like that :)

16. What are your turn on's? My turn ons are are humor and excitement. Someone who is hot, yet doesn't take themselves too seriously always drives me crazy. Also, if you can finish a movie quote that I just started, I'm pretty much in love.

17. What is your biggest pet-peeve? My number one pet peeve is people who don't treat others as they wish to be treated. I can't handle it when someone doesn't practice what they preach. Never forget, karma's a bitch, people!

18. BMW or Audi? Audi all the way. Didn't you see "I Robot?" These cars are the future man!

19. What's your drink of choice? Mixed drink of choice is definitely Captain & Coke. Beer of choice, Fat Tire. Get out of here with that light brew mumbo jumbo!

20. Any last words? It's a cut throat world out there, good luck to all!

Thanks guys! Xo
-Alexis <3

Big ups to Mayer Hawthorne for letting us you his track, Green Eyed Love - Classixx Remix

Produced/Directed by Jubal Jones & Andy Netkin
Photography by Hermie Jimenez
Videography by Jeffery Woodings
Video Edited by Damon Brestwer
Makeup by Elisabetta Clarizio

17060 Ventura blvd
Encino, CA 91316